Well hello everyone. It's been quite a hectic time at NT HQ with getting back to my day job and then designing for my brand. Anyhow, it's all coming together nicely. 40 new tees arrived are are online, new overshirt and smock are in production. Striped polos and some summer colour tees are winging their way to me also. It's gonna be a stupendous year!

What's new?

Well, hello everyone, it's been a few days since my last blog but, what's new with northern tide? After the resounding success of our new workwear range overshirt, expect more of the same with our new co-ordinates tees which we be available next week. I'm also, drafting samples for a new smock jacket and overshirt plus some striped breton style tees. All this, in and amongst my day job...i know, quite something !! haha.

New stock coming soon

I'm currently working on workwear/chore jackets which have been slightly delayed but, will be ready for sale this week! My next projects after these are, co-ordinate t-shirts, which come on the back of our best selling sweats, expect summery colourways. Then... if not to spoil you even further, I have a cracking smock jacket which will be in 2 colourways to begin with. So, busy times ahead. Watch this space!!

Anyone for any microdots?


click the above link to watch me chat with one half of microdots Chris C. about the Manchester electronic 2 piece plus all things music, fashion and football.

Cotton Twill Workwear Jacket

I'm going back to the industrial ethics of the North with my next release. I've just had the sample back and if I do say so myself, it's looking class. I've had some really good feedback so far, which is good to know. I've registered a poll up on instagram if you want to take part...A simple Yes/No for it as a future release. Get involved .

Northern x Northern COMING SOON!

Something interesting has been happening over the past week....More news to follow soon


Poor old Ralph..2 seasons on the spin and well and truly walloped. As a united fan, I'm over the moon about the result, especially after the Loss and draw just prior to this match. VAR for me still kills it, you know the opposition want to double check that its a legit goal. VAR was called into action 14 times..9 goals, 2 red cards, 2 Pen decisions, disallowed southampton goal. It kind of ruins the ebb & flow of the match. Anyhow boosted our goal difference..which is nice!

Something new this way comes

Every lad that I know, loves an overshirt so, with this in mind, I've got some eco padded ones set to be released this very week. Keep your eyes peeled.

Upcoming gigs for 2021

Now, I'm not one to be presumptuous but, Having seen the Foals gig in May 2020 cancelled due to covid, I'm quietly hopeful it will get the go ahead this year. On current form upto last summer, I believe them to be the best live band on the planet (see glasto '19 set for proof), I sincerely hope the lights shine bright again not only for this gig but, all gigs that had to be re-scheduled. 

Sir Alex and the Doc

As we celebrated the former United  manager, Sir Alex's 79th birthday, we said goodbye to a former United manager in Tommy Docherty who passed away at 92. Forever in our hearts and always thankful for halting liverpool's treble assault in '77.