Foals - Empress ballroom - Blackpool 05/05/22 

Well, this has been cancelled twice and changed from it's original tour ' Everthing not saved will be lost pt 1 & 2, to the impending new album 'life is yours' so, everything from here on in, would be downhill and plain sailing? Well, it was ! Having had to wait to listen them after their 'surprise' showing at Glastonbury 2019, they lit up one of the most iconic music venues on the planet with not only the fantastic visionary experience and neon lighting but also with Wake me up, the runner & mountain at my gates for starters. After nearly 2hrs and absolute delerium inside the ballroom on a warm may evening, yannis et al, whetted our appetites 1 more time after they came back for an encore with what went down and two steps twice. I mean, they smashed it up and owned the ballroom

Wolfgang Flur - bootleg social -Blackpool 23/4/2022

This was my first gig since December 2019 when i saw Underworld at the Mayfield Depot in Manchester. After this, we all know that the pandemic caused a lot of disruption all over the globe and to the music world! So, it was with a little trepidation, I went to see the iconic Mr Flur (ex-kraftwerk)and see what he had to offer.  
He didn't disappoint.
Firstly, opening up his set was pete duggal, with his electronic soundscapes and dreamlike visuals, amazing.. After warming us up, he swiftly moved into 'Birmingham' the new Wolfgang Flur single from Magazine 1. Then, the moment had arrived for the main event. At 74 years young, what can i say, I was lucky to see kraftwerk nearly 20 years ago and it was like a club atmosphere, again, I was transported back to that time with, remixes of home computer and neon lights, to name a few. Then in customary style, Wolfgang donned his kaiser Wilhelm helmet ⛑ and exited to the left. brilliant !

In the beginning, there was a PS1 a 1989 Sony stack system and a head full of ideas..

Please feel free to listen to the tunes I made early 00's. All you have to do is just copy a link into your browser or click below.

An interview with....


Watch my interview with Manchester electronic band microdots. Talking, how they became one of the best latest bands to come out of the north west. We also dip into music influences, fashion and football. Grab a brew and some hob-nobs!