northern tide t-shirt in white

£22.00 / Coming Soon

The northern tide tee is an all round stunning addition to your wardrobe. A modern styled eco cotton tee which has been meticulously made to avoid shrinkage and weighing in at 140g, it's ideal for everything that you will throw at it, these coming months.
Professionally printed to the chest in green ink.

This is my homage to one of the greatest northern bands to walk the planet and how i was heavily influenced from an early age. Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, i give you my take on joy division's 1988 release; substance. An absolute iconic album from start to finish. It was released to mark the 7 years passing of lead singer, ian curtis.

Here, i've chosen the colourway white, to also tie-in to the new order release of the same album name the previous year. Also, there is the black colourway which, is a nod to unknown pleasures, one of their finest pieces of work.

Chest measurements in inches are as follows:
S:38/40 M:40/42 L:44 XL:46/48 2XL:50

Please double check your size before ordering!

*All products are eco friendly packaged where possible.